Why Accessories Should Come First

Quetta Dee

 Accessories are normally an afterthought, so much so there was actually a accessory store named “Afterthoughts” in the 90’s. 
But thats not the case for me. I think accessories ARE the outfit. I worked in retail sales a looooong time and I know my customers. The biggest concerns a customer has while shopping is  will anybody else have this on? I can’t tell you how many times customers have asked me “how many of these have you sold?” because they fear they might have a TWIN!
The sure way to make sure you dont have a twin is to accessorize, period! Unless you had a piece custom made the odds of someone having the same outfit as you are very likely. Remember Its not what you wear but how you wear it. I love that with my pieces I am able to show women you do not have to spend your entire paycheck on one bag!
I select my pieces based on pure passion. Not trend, not because somebody else wore it, simply because I love it (not like it I love it). As much as I try to stay away from trends my team and I can’t help but notice the similarity between our pieces as some high end pieces.
When I first launched my site a friend called to congratulate me and she also told me that Cardi B wore a bag that looks exactly like my  Dynasty Bag. So of course I started digging and low and behold there it was. When I saw the resemblance I was first of all surprised that my Dynasty bag looked as good as Balenciaga's handbag.Here are these bags of similar shape and style but a $2300 price difference. Let that sink in!
Im a fashion lover so I appreciate the quality BUT lets be honest this one is kind of a no brainer.
This is prime example of customers only buying into a brand name. High End brands have gotten so comfortable that they feel they can put their name on anything, even styles they did not originate, and they will sell for big bucks. I am not saying don’t buy designer bags. Im saying you don’t have to nor should you break the bank to fashionable! Labels do not validate you!
If you have true style you appreciate labels but you don’t need them.
Quetta Dee 

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  • Great Blog..It will help people understand better that’s it’s not about a nice NAME but a nice LOOK..

    Juliette Marie Brown

  • Your blog is very insightful. I love the way you express the importance of quality which does not always relate to quantity. You’re knowledge of fashion is remarkable and the fact that you are willing to share with those who are not necessarily the best at fashion is truly noble. I love this blog!!!

    Della Boone

  • I’m glad you decided to blog because I follow you on social media and you are always on point. Good luck with all your future endeavors Boo.

    Memrie J.

  • People really stress out about labels and it’s sad. I agree, it’s all in how you wear less expensive pieces and what you pair it with. Accessories are confidence boosters! You look good, you feel good!

    Lauren Fluker

  • Wow. Great read. Awesome content. Keep the blog posts coming. I love it.

    Laura Wright

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