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Quetta Dee

When you think about your summer you know two things: It will be hot and you will be on the go! So with that in mind you will need pieces that are cute but also convenient. I don’t think there's anything worse than having an item you love but wearing it is such an inconvenience you don’t get your moneys worth. And I am all for getting my moneys worth.



That’s why I love accessories, because you will almost always get your moneys worth. You can wear your earrings, bags, shoes as many times as you want and no one gives you a second look. Clothes unfortunately are held to a different statute, unless you know how to accessorize of course. *tuhh*



With temps reaching over 100 degrees nobody is in the mood to carry a big purse. So this summer we’re putting the purses on pause and strapping on our fanny packs.


That’s right Fanny packs, Belt bags, or as they are called Great Britain Bum Bags are an accessory everyone can appreciate. Once seen as a “mom” accessory these bags like everything in fashion are making a comeback! And for good reason. How can you not love a item that's cute, holds all your stuff, & you forget is sometimes not even there. As of lately every time I go out I see someone rocking a fanny pack. Male or female, young or old everyone wants one. Our new Chevron Belt Bag ,, is perfect for summer because it's not only a fanny pack but can double as real belt. You can carry your belongings and cinch your waist at the same time. Talk about a 2 for 1. This isn’t your moms fanny from the 80’s this baby is new and improved!


The most important summer accessory is the flip-flop! Ladies we all love our flip-flops and want to wear them year round, & some of us do. That’s why our New Bows & Bees Flip Flops ,,are sure to be a fav this season. The leather like sandal is both durable and fashionable, two major factors considering the season. No matter how cute a shoe is quality is always the main factor. I'm sure this will be one of those flip-flops we wear all year-long because this style is definitely not seasonal. 

I think the most common phrase used during the summer is “its too hot for this”. So we need accessories that offer convenience while still being fashionable. The Princess Wristlets,, is just that. This cute wristlet holds literally everything! Phone, money, cards, and even change. I can't think of a more convenient accessory. My favorite part is that it holds my phone! I hate digging for my phone or worse forgetting where it is! With this wristlet literally everything I need is together. And whether we want to admit it or not convenience is a major key! And it doesn’t hurt that its sooo cute.


I hope you guys enjoyed my entry & are as excited about this seasons fashions as I am! 

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  • I’m a Plain Jane per say but I still love fashion💕
    Keep up the good work and fashion choices❣❣

    Juliette Marie Brown

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