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Quetta Dee


Im going to say something most women are afraid to say, Fashion Is HARD! The days of only a few people seeing you on a off day are gone. Now if you’re caught making a fashion mistake you can go viral in seconds! (the internet is undefeated) So with that kind of pressure it makes getting dressed stressful and keeps people playing it safe,  but accessorizing is a form of expression that no one should be afraid of.  Here are three of my favorite new accessories and some helpful tips on how to incorporate them in your style.


Lets take multiple rings for example. Most women find them so cute but still think they can’t pull that look off. Well I am here to tell you, YOU CAN. Rings come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and metals. The possibilities are really endless. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, shapes, or even stack them up. The good thing about experimenting with rings is you can move the rings around until you are comfortable with the final look.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a ring on every finger but adding 2 or 3 small rings will draw attention to your hands. Want to show off your manicure? WEAR RINGS! With the variety of ring types they can be the cherry on top to any look for any event. Wear them to formal events, to work, or even make them apart of your everyday look with the basic gold rings. Me personally I think even woman should own one set of multiple rings.




Since we are already talking about hands I’ll go right into handbags. Ladies its almost 2020 & incase you haven’t noticed bags have evolved. Let go of the same style bag you’ve carried the last 20 years and LIVE A LITTLE. Our newest bag is a combination of my favorite things, snakeskin and round bags. If you haven’t already noticed from our inventory I don’t like ordinary bags. Bags are meant to turn heads.

I dont have time to change bags every time I change clothes so I need a bag that can roll with anything!  Doesn't matter if I'm wearing jeans and a tee or a little black dress for date night. My bag will has to be multi purposeful. The round shape will give you a classic chic look while the print gives you an edge. The round bag trend has became really popular because its now being seen on runways. But you dont have to break the bank to look like your fresh off the runway. #shopquettas



My "favorite" changes with the wind BUT this accessory has reigned supreme in my life! My favorite accessory since my “big chop” has to be hair accessories. Oh the fun we can have with hair accessories. Its amazing what a stone bobby pin or a cute scarf can do for you! We are all real women and we are far from perfect so we all have bad hair days. Accessories can turn your bad hair days into SLAY DAYS. I was so happy you guys enjoyed my IGTV video on how I wear my scarf.  (if you haven’t watched it please check it out on our instagram) That let me know you love hair accessories you just aren’t sure how to pull the look off.


Lets take our Gina Scarf for example. This can be a headscarf, a headband, tie it around your neck, tie it around your handbag, hell I’ve even seen girls turn them into a ponytail holder! Long story short you need a couple of good scarves in your collection. You guys really took to our hair pins and I can’t blame you. Whether your hair is long or short cute hair pins will liven up your look. Use your hair pins to deliver a message or simply hold your hair in place with style. Try some hair accessories out and let me know the attention you get. Thank me later




After reading this entry  I hope you guys are ready to step out of your comfort zone and accessorize your life!!


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