Embracing Your Problems

Quetta Dee

I looked up entrepreneur online and this is the definition it gave.

Entrepreneur: a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risk to do so

This is true, however we know that it requires much more than just that. I like to think of being an entrepreneur as being a creator. We create ways to give us a sense of freedom. A few weeks ago my Pastor gave a sermon about creating your way out. This sermon was so powerful I wanted to write a new post to give my opinion on the topic and to hopefully inspire someone on their journey.


Starting a new business is strictly walking by faith. We get the go ahead from God and we go after it. As we know from my previous entry , business is a rollercoaster.

Its exciting and fun at first then the reality starts to settle in. The further you go and grow the more you run into problems.  But our problems are created to bring something out of us.

Imagine if you had no problems or issues in your business. Everything was running smooth and you were satisfied, would you ever grow? I know you will say yes but when you really think about it you know you won’t. When we are comfortable in life we don’t go looking for ways to change it, “if it aint broke dont fix it” right. WRONG!

Everyone enjoys being comfortable but you cant grow if you’re comfortable. We have to learn to embrace the uncomfortable. Be thankful for it because discomfort means growth. When a problem arises we have no choice but to challenge ourselves. Sure some people quit and give up at the first sign of trouble but some of us reach down within ourselves and pull out something we didn’t even know we had. God knew it was there and he also knew we would never discover it without running into a problem.

This is why we need problems! We come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and better! So the next time a conflict arises in your business don’t let it get you down instead be thankful. Be thankful in knowing that you are in your growing season and better things are ahead of you.


The phrase ‘create your way out” is so powerful and not just for people who are already in business but for people in general. Because truth be told you are the only person who can elevate you. Sure people will come into your life to assist but they will not come to your rescue! Everyone is on their own mission.  Let me be very clear, no one is coming to save you! I saw a post recently that said when your stranded on the side of the road no one stops to see if you need help, but if you are pushing your car people will get out and help you. The same goes for your life. Nobody wants to help someone who hasn’t already helped themselves. Remember everything you need to get ahead is already inside of you. The problems that come up in life are destined to pull it out. If no issues come to surface you will never know how great you really are.


Dont settle because you have reached what society has deemed as successful. God didn’t create us to be mediocre. There is a plan for your life you just have to dig down inside your self and pull it out.


When my journey is over I want to be able to say I used every gift God gave me.(that includes writing lol)


Thanks for reading! Please leave your comments and feedback below!


I love you guys so much!!





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  • Very Inspirational THANKS 🙏🏽

    Melissa Tobias

  • This was right on time!! I loved this, so inspiring.


  • Awesome read, Quetta. I read a meme yesterday that had the exact sentence you wrote. “No one is coming to save you.” This hit home. After the pity party’s, we have to get up and keep it moving. Might have problems but we can’t lead with those. Lead with solutions, positive outcomes and everything we’re learning. That’s what makes the work mixed with our faith a little easier. Keep pushing, beautiful! I’m in my own lane pushing right beside you! Oh! And watch ‘the secret’ on Netflix. It’ll change you! ♥️


  • thanks for posting that i really needed to hear that

    Tarika Matthews

  • I enjoyed this post, and honestly it felt like motivation. A confirmation to let me know that I am being complacent and should take that step.



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