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Quetta Dee

When starting a new business you may think the most important factor is your product, its not. The most important factor in business is connecting and collaborating. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a fortune 500 company or you’re just starting out. You will need the help of others. Once you’ve done the paperwork, got the inventory, started promoting you’ll still feel like something is missing and that’s because it is. Newsflash, you haven’t connected with any one and you haven't you done any collaborations. You can't succeed alone. Think about all the big companies you see or the businesses you feel are similar to yours. They all have collaborated with others and found a way to connect with their customer base. No one gets ahead in business without assistance. It takes a village! 

One of the biggest hurdles in starting a online store is “how will I get my brand out there?”. Of course your friends and family will announce it and you can even get some influencers to promote for you but that still wont guarantee customers.Your friends and family are your supporters they are not customers! You can not fund your business on their support alone. You will do promotion, ads, and other  marketing tools but thats an expense and it will add up quick! So before you put all your money into something that isn’t a guaranteed return invest your most precious asset, your time. Taking the time to connect with your supporters and customers is the first step to make your brand a household name. With all the scams and online store popping up daily customers want to feel connected to a brand. They want to know who they are supporting and what they stand for. The days of consumers blindly supporting businesses are over. The best way for online retailers to connect with their customers is to get off line and go to the people. Pop Up Shops are the best way to connect for online retailers.


With that being said,  Im soooo excited to announce that I will be hosting 2 Pop Up Shops this month in MS!!


The first event will be in Hattiesburg at Exquisite Salon & Cutz and the second will be in McComb (my hometown) at Unique2Hairsalon. Im so happy to go back home and see everyone who has followed my journey. My supporters from MS mean so much to me. They have witnessed my growth over the years, and their messages of encouragement are what keeps me going. To hear women say I inspire them still blows my mind! I know when people who inspire me take time out of their day to connect with me it means the world to me, so I guess Im just keeping the cycle going.


The ladies in MS have been overly supportive in everything I do so this event is really for the both of us. We will shop, network, mingle, and definitely catch up.

I am the first person from my city to accomplish what I’ve done so far, so I feel its my duty to go back to connect and inspire.



Pop up shops are always fun but Im also attending an event for Quetta’s Bridal Services and that's a different world for me. I’ve teamed up with Elle Mari Events  to put on Maids and Martinis. An event for brides to be and their bridesmaids to come out and meet with wedding vendors. Vendors will be there displaying their different services, bridesmaids will get tips on being a great bridesmaid, and it will be a overall fun girls night out! Since I keep my bridal accessories private until they are debuted on the big day potential brides are unable to see what I have to offer, that is until now. I will be answering any questions about the services, explaining the importance of bridal accessories, and will have exclusive bridal accessory samples.




The relationships I’ve formed with these other brands will bloom in years to come and we both will benefit from each other success. I will reach their customers and they will connect with mine and that is how the network grows.


I hope that by reading this you understand the importance of working together. So create a list and brainstorm on ways to connect with your supporters and a list of people or other brands you would like to collab with. Once you write a plan all you have to do is execute! 


Love you guys



Be sure to RSVP for the Pop Up Shop by emailing

Interested in attending Maids & Martinis? Click the link below




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  • Quetta, I know your mama proud of you…❤ This blog is so helpful, informative, and inspiring for so many walks of life. Keep up the good work ✔❣

    Juliette M. Brown

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